Mitchell Leisen, Hollywood producer, is one of the world's busiest males. Generating and directing films could be a full-time job for most folks, but Mitch can also be artist, sculptor, architect, interior decorator, dancer, dress designer, iwc replica eta aviator-to mention just several of his side lines. Found time hanging heavy on his hands not extended ago and decided to open a tailor shop; the organization cleared $12,000 the initial year. If a buddy desires a new wing on his property, Mitch dashes off the plans. When he's producing a image, technicians and workmen love a holiday. He turns out blueprints by the sets, and when they are finished he swarms all more than the lot hublot watch replicas , whacking nails and splashing on paint. Son of a Michigan beer manufacturer, he started out as an architect, but quit when he heard that Cecil B. De Mille needed a costume designer. Whipped up 35 dresses in 48 hours and landed the job. When Leisen filmed I Wanted Wings with Veronica Lake, he discovered flying and directed in the clouds. Present hobby is taking little ones who haven't clicked in films, putting them into "packaged" revues which he sends to evening clubs across the country. Below, he demonstrates a brand new dance step with Carmen Bailey.

Betsy Ross.

WHENEVER you salute a U.S. Army Hag, you may thank Mrs. Bertha McAnally, of Philadelphia, Pa., that "our flag is still there." With 300 seamstress assistants, functioning on a 24-hour schedule, she turns out each of the U.S hublot replica watches paypal . Army flags , from 38-foot Old Glories to the tiny pennants that flutter from official automobiles. Her official title is Supervisor of the Flag Manufacturing Section from the Quartermaster Corps, but officers invariably get in touch with her Betsy Ross. Currently her organization turns out flags at the price of nearly two,000 per week. Sewing has often been second nature with Mrs. McAnally. As a youngster, she created all of the garments for her dolls, and her 1st job was stitching fancy baby caps. Moved in to the Quartermaster Corps to function on uniforms, and sewed up her present job in 1909, when the Army started producing all its personal flags and picked her, because the ideal seamstress, to boss the division.Exciting Individuals in the American Scene (May, 1942)

Interesting People today within the American Scene


ROBERT OSCAR BLOOD is one public official who appears soon after the physical together with the political desires of his constituents. Apart from becoming Governor of New Hampshire, he's a practicing doctor, and often keeps a committee waiting within the state capitol at Concord when he dashes more than for the hospital to deliver a baby or perform an appendectomy. This dual life keeps him hopping. Begins his hospital rounds at 8; functions as governor from ten to 1; receives calls in his doctor's workplace from 2 to four; and winds up his official day at 5:30 to contact on his sufferers, as he's doing in our picture. The youngster is Robert Bruce Davis, whom the Governor brought into the globe. replica watches hublot

(Bob will probably be capable to vote for him in 1960.) A Republican, Blood was elected in 1940. Plans to run for re-election this fall, when opponents will almost certainly commence describing him once more as "bloodless Blood" (that is since he's unemotional) and his pals will revive the slogan, "New Hampshire desires a Blood transfusion." Born on an Enfield, N. H., farm, he earned his way through Dartmouth Health-related School driving a milk wagon. Not too long ago a political opponent fainted on the floor on the legislature even though arguing against among Blood's pet bills. The Governor revived the fellow so successfully that ten minutes later he was back arguing against the bill once again.

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